Guide Crew

The Team Concept

When asked, “What separates Silver Water Wheel Lodge from the competition?” My immediate answer is the guide crew. My mission statement as Guide Staff Manager is to seek out, hire, train, retain, and manage the best guide staff in Northwest Ontario. With well over 100 years of cumulative guiding experience, we work together as a team to ensure that all our boats are on fish and our guests are having fun.

Silver Water Wheel guides are professionals. They are not only experienced anglers and dedicated conservationists, but they are also committed to providing excellent customer service. Whether your group is a family with young anglers looking for action and laughs or you are in search of that trophy of a lifetime, the guides will plan the day in accordance with your wishes and expectations.

As the owner and operator of SWWL, I still guide every day. I am on the water not only because I love it, but also because I believe that an effective guide staff manager has to be out there with his crew to lead by example and to set the bar high. My educational background is in Fisheries Biology and I have been guiding for more than 2 decades. My guiding philosophies and strategies are grounded in science, data collection, and experimentation, but have equally been shaped by a commitment to quality customer service and a love for the big lakes of northwest Ontario.


All SWWL guides are required to collect and record data and information on their “Daily Guide Reports.” Along with group information, weather conditions, surface temps, and general observations, they also record lengths and locations of all walleyes over 18 in., pike over 30 in., and smallmouth bass over 16 in. caught and released by their guests that day. The collection of data on its own encourages systematic and objective observation. Patterns emerge, trends appear, along with questions and new ideas that lead to an experiment, a tweak to a presentation, or to trying a new location. Some ideas work and some don’t, but an aggressive problem solving approach to every guiding day is the key to long term consistent success.