Silver Water Wheel Lodge

The Lac Seul Difference

As you sort through the piles of camp brochures, all with the same claims of “Trophy Walleye” and “Big Pike”, it is difficult to decide which claims were more accurate 10 years ago, which are completely false, and which are just slightly exaggerated.

Fortunately, there are ways to evaluate the true Trophy Potential of a body of water before you fish it. To reach trophy proportions on the Canadian Shield, fish need to do only two things; live long and eat well! Though that statement seems obvious and simplistic, most visiting anglers don’t realize how difficult that task can be in most lakes and rivers. The two most important factors that separate marginal water from trophy water are the Size of that body of water and Fishing Pressure. With a minimal amount of information about an unfamiliar body of water, you can quickly make an informed opinion as to its’ Trophy Potential.